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It all started with 1 coat for 1 dog

By Starr, Chief Executive Dog

When I was  puppy, things were not so easy. I don’t remember how it all came to pass, but I was 6 months old, all fur and bones and big feet. But I didn’t have a forever home.

Then in September, 2009 Nancy and Dan Mahoney found me at the Des Moines Humane Society animal shelter and took me home!

There we wer, in Iowa, with winter coming on and Momma and Poppa couldn’t find a coat to fit me! If it was long enough, it was way to big around my tummy; if it was the right fit around my tummy, the coat didn’t cover my fanny!

So Momma did some measuring and figuring and cutting and sewing and more measuring, cutting and sewing and made me a fleece coat. Two layers of cozy fleece with

And people who saw it, wanted to know where the coat came from and wanted to know how they could have one, too. So StarrLine.com was born, producing handmade, two-layer fleece doggy coats sold at craft shows and by word of mouth.

Momma and Poppa have refined the design of the coats over time — based on my experience as the in-house model and the needs and ideas of our doggy customers.

And now we’ve added other doggy-related and pet-themed items to our line, including:

Pet beds and crate pads – custom sizes, plain or heated

Braided pull toys — all fleece, no dangerous strings

Doggy bandana-style scarves

Blankets (as big as 60 by 72 inches!) and throws (generally about 50 by 60 inches), one and two layers

Holiday items, including reversible Christmas stockings




coat, and another Iowa winter was coming on.